Everyday Art: Incredibly Edible Food Art

Everyday Art: Incredibly Edible Food Art

This is the third part in my “Everyday Art” series which highlights mundane objects turned into extraordinary works of art. The world around us can expand from the simple and ordinary to the stunning and inspiring. These amazing food art pictures are a great example of how the ordinary can evolve into something else.

All of the following pictures are from the “Carving Institute” on Flickr.  The Carving Institute is a school in Bangkok that teaches fruit and vegetable carving and caters various events.  You can also learn how to create these masterpieces through online courses!  Sounds very intriguing…  Check out their profile on Flickr here: http://flickr.com/people/20726191@N07/. 

Their website says the following about their carvings:  “The ancient art of Kae Sa Luk – Thai fruit and vegetable carving adds beauty and immense value to every dish. It is the culmination of over seven centuries of history and heritage. Body and mind are focused on the conception and creation of ephemeral works of sheer exquisiteness.”

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Here is a picture of a carved slice of carrot.  All of the pictures here are made up of edible fruit and vegetable carvings.  This carrot slice can be used as a garnish for any dish or for part of a larger food sculpture.

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This edible garnish carved leaf is made of pumpkin.  The ingenuity of the three dimensional carving of this garnish is incredible and shows how the smallest thing can be full of detail.

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This large edible centerpiece shows how all of the smaller pieces fit into the big picture.  The incredibly detailed fruit and vegetables make the perfect centerpieces for weddings and banquets.  I can’t imagine anyone actually eating something so pretty though.

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These incredibly realistic roses and leaves are carved into the face of a watermelon.  All of the various colours of the skin and flesh of the fruit are used in this sculpture to make the roses seem even more believable.  The dark green of the skin just pokes through on the edges of the leaves.

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first, posted this comment on Oct 11th, 2008

good post

RJ Evans, posted this comment on Oct 13th, 2008

Amazing to think this is *food*!! I wouldn’t want to eat it!

Susan B., posted this comment on Oct 26th, 2008

Awesome pics of food, and I really enjoyed the article!

Darlene McFarlane, posted this comment on Oct 28th, 2008

These are amazing! So much time and craftsmanship goes into these and they last for such a short while. I am sending this link out to my friends. They have seen food art before but this page is remarkable.

Sotiris, posted this comment on Nov 19th, 2008

Those were REALLY cool! Great article!

Mark Bentley, posted this comment on Nov 26th, 2008

That is some truly amazing food! I can not imagine the amount of time that went into it. Cool article

gilmar, posted this comment on May 5th, 2009


gilmar, posted this comment on May 5th, 2009


amrita, posted this comment on Aug 23rd, 2009

Is that Incredible or wat!!!

Mark Bentley, posted this comment on Nov 18th, 2009

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Johnny Benn, posted this comment on May 20th, 2010

wow…and wow…congrats to the person that make the fruits more lovely to see…!! anyway, wondering if can get the info for the carving tools please!

Bakmi Rezeki & Chinese Food, posted this comment on Jan 11th, 2011

wowww, very beautifull garnish.

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